Who Writes this Stuff?

Tempus Fugit is owned by James Henderson (Henki to my friends). 

So about me - an English teacher turned watch company employee turned... well, the guy who writes this stuff.

I feel pretty confident that this is one of the few watch blogs out there written by someone who has actually worked in the industry.

I was lucky enough to work for and learn from Javier P - perhaps the greatest salesman that Tourneau has ever, or will ever have.  From there, on to DOXA Watches.  

And now I write on a free lance basis for a few watch magazines for both their print and online versions, and work with various watch companies as an independent consultant, and I write this stuff!  

I also run a consulting firm - Tempus Fugit Media.

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  1. Very well said!

  2. If you are interested I can introduce you at my friends at Patek, Panerai and Vacheron, what do you think about?

  3. Discovered your blog last night (came up under a search for Ba111od) while reading your article on that watch. Checked a few other articles out as well. You seem very honest, and have quite a sense of humor. I have now placed your blog on my daily reading list.

    Thank you for publishing. I wish you Peace and continued success, and will be eagerly looking forward to future articles!