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The Oberlin Watch Company was launched by Henki back in late autumn, 2020. But in fact, it had been a side project bubbling away for many years.  It was initially just an idea to make an affordable, basic, FUN quartz watch for friends from my hometown, Oberlin Ohio.  But once word got out, it began to take on a life of its own, and will launch as a "for realsies" brand in 2021.  Here you will find the watch (soon to be watches), and a selection of Lic watch straps, as well as some fun swag.

To follow the Oberlin Watch Company story, follow the blog (which will launch on February 26, 2021).
This is the first series from the Oberlin Watch Company - the OBIE1.  The color code is based on the colors of the Oberlin Public Schools, and the hands were chosen to make sure it was easy to read (as some of us are not getting any younger).
The case back is tribute to Oberlin's "place in the world", or at least in Ohio ; )
The OBIE1 ships standard with a black leather strap sourced from our friends at Lic straps of Belgium. It features a "quick spring" strap allowing you to easily remove and change the strap should the mood strike you.  We plan to offer additional straps in red and blue in September.  Stay tuned! 
The OBIE1 will have a first run of 100 pieces.  The price is $97.97 US plus shipping. We hope to begin shipping in late March/early April.

TO ORDER - Visit the Oberlin Watch Company:

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