The New Romantics

Welcome to the New Romantics!

No, you have not made a mistake, this is still Tempus Fugit, but it is a stand-alone section created to help independent brands share, discuss, promote and even sell their products.  This is not limited to watches!

I have been approached several times to create an online store and sell products.  And this is something that I am still not too crazy about as I believe that it blurs the lines between "church and state".  
Having said that, I also think that independent brands tend to get "messed about" quite a bit by bloggers, influencers and "instafamous" instagrammers to the point where they are not really sure what exactly they are getting for their money.  So I thought that this might be a good way to help them get exposure, make sales, and do it at a reasonable cost.

Brands / Enterprises are divided into groups.  Under the group, you will find a brand name.  Click the brand name and you will be taken to a separate page that provides a bio of the brand.  It will also provide the current collection including images, specifications, pricing, and where to buy.  It will also include "retired" products so that you have a reference if you are attempting to purchase an item no longer in production.

I sincerely hope that you find this informative, useful, and enjoyable!  

Holthinrichs Watches
Montfort Watches
Lundis Bleus 

Juvo Luxury  

Rowing Blazers 

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