The New Romantics: Rowing Blazers

161 Grand St. 
New York, NY 10013  USA
Facebook:  Rowing Blazers Facebook

Shocking though this may seem, there is more to life than watches!
Courtesy of Rowing Blazers

Rowing Blazers, and their founder Jack Carlson typify (to me at least) what is missing in so many other enterprises out there.  Fun, inclusiveness, and a very keen eye as to what works and what maybe doesn't.   

And as a rower, he knows the importance of teamwork and has assembled a strong team -

Although based on the jackets made popular by the sport of rowing (which does have some slightly "exclusive" vibes), the spirit of the Rowing Blazers crew is ANYTHING  but that.  They even let some no-name writer (read hack) wander in off the streets of Boston for a lunchtime table tennis game -

You can find articles about two of their pop-ups here:
Show Your Colors!
Rowing Blazers Pop-Up

And an interview with Rowing Blazer's Founder, Jack Carlson here:
Beyond a Jacket - Rowing Blazers and Their Founder Jack Carlson

Yes, they are known for their BLAZERS, but they are much more than that.  RUGBY SHIRTS, POLOS, and WOMEN'S BLAZERS are just some of the many really cool things you'll find on their site.  And keep your eyes and ears open, they are masters of the pop-up!  

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