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The Tempus Fugit Manifesto -

The watch industry is asking the wrong question - 
The industry asks - "How can we get more doors open?"  When in fact, the question that the watch industry should be asking is - "how can we engage in a meaningful way with potential customers, new customers and existing customers?"  And I would go further.  Ask the watch industry who their customer is, and they will answer - "retail partners".  And this answer underscores the fact that they really do not understand the dynamic at all.  They have the answer "half-right" when they refer to the retail store as a "partner", but they have it completely wrong when they express the belief that the retail store is their ultimate customer.  The customer is the individual who is going to buy and wear the watch.  

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  1. Entirely true. Watch makers have forgotten that brand loyalty and customer satisfaction are the key points to selling watches. Retail partners can only sell watches if the person coming through the doors knows a bit about what they are buying. Without these aspects, all the retail partners in the world couldn't sell