Saturday, November 27, 2021

Slightly Under The Radar - The Heritage Docteurgraph

From Montres Choisi -

Courtesy of Montres Choisi
So, I am the first to admit that I am frequently the last to know about something. In this particular instance, the Neuchatel based re-boot, Montres Choisi.

Brought back from obscurity by the same folks behind Azimuth, Montres Choisi is a bit of a tough nut to crack. On the one hand, they make some really cool, really good looking watches. On the other hand, if their website is anything to go by, unless you live in Singapore, or Singapore adjacent (Japan, Maylasia, Indonesia) it seems a bit of a challenge to lay hands to one as there is no online store. What I did manage to learn from this year's WristWatch Annual is that (assuming the pricing is the same), the Heritage Docteurgraph is likely to be priced at $1,800.

I am reaching out to the folks behind the brand to see if I can assemble a bit more information not only on this model, but Montres Choisi as a whole, so stay tuned!

Regarding this model, my understanding is that the case is of stainless steel, measuring 42 mm in diameter. The movement is the Valjoux 7750.

I will be back with more intel when I have it ; )

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