Friday, September 3, 2021

New Ownership for De Bethune - A Deeper Dive

While Couture was rotting on the vine in the Las Vegas sun, and BaselWorld struggles to reinvent itself in what is starting to feel like "Ground Hog Day" regularity, some interesting news dropped that mostly went unnoticed by the watch media at large but that those of us who participate in "Rotisserie League" Fantasy Watch Brand Ownership leagues have discussed at length. And that would be the majority purchase of De Bethune by Watch Box. The basics are that the two principles Pierre Jacques (CEO) and Denis Flageollet (COO and Master Watchmaker) will be staying on the Board of Directors and in their current roles to "ensure continuity".  That is, at least the word from one report found at Timezone -

Within the "Watch Box" family resides one Patrik Hoffmann, of late "Mentor" to Chronoswiss in Lucerne and if I've understood correctly, a stake holder to some extent of Watch Box - readers, please feel free to correct/update as needed ; )

So if I were a betting man, at least based on the Timezone report, I would have put my money on the following scenario:
Hoffman tapped to oversee De Bethune, if not right away (if the press announcement is anything to go on), also not in the "too-distant" future. When the words "to ensure continuity" are used, that means that the "retirement clock's" alarm has already been set.

Why?  Well, also curious to relate, Watch Box tapped, Patrik Hoffmann, to give feedback on this story from Robb Report -

So we will wait, and we will see.

But one important, pragmatic question to answer is how are the sales of De Bethune going to be moving forward. Curious to relate, De Bethune has a "pre-owned" section on their website which presently only has 2 pre-owned pieces for sale. Having said that, a quick pop over to Watch Box and you will find several De Bethune watches for sale, at least 4 of which are from 2020 & 2021.

With 30 or so employees, that is a lot of mouths to feed, and still recoup your investment.  So we shall wait, and we will see, but wishing De Bethune Godspeed as they move forward in this new partnership with Watch Box.

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