Thursday, July 15, 2021

The Amphibia 0252 - My Opinion Is Fact

The best tool watch so far from Raketa -
Courtesy of Raketa
Welcome to today's "My Opinion Is Fact", as I state unequivocally that the Amphibia 0252 is the best of Raketa's "Tool" collection.
Courtesy of Raketa

Now the naming conventions that Raketa have adopted can be a touch confusing, but to put this in the correct order: the Amphibia's ultimate designation is (when you land on the final link) listed as "Navy" watch. This is a sub category of "Sea" and "In Love With The Sea", which is a sub-category of "Tool".  Well, part of the "Freemium" coverage here at Tempus Fugit is to try and give you the information you really need, without making you leap through a payment fire wall, and without requiring a brand to pass 3 pieces of silver across my palm in exchange for coverage ; ) 

The other pieces making up the "Tool"  collection are thoughtfully decorated, but perhaps a wee-bit too much so. A tool watch is meant to be just that. Basic, efficient, offering only what is really needed.

Under the hood is Raketa's 2615 -
Courtesy of Raketa
Per Raketa -


3 hand movement with avtomat complication (inside the Raketa Classic BIG ZERO)
Number of jewels:27
Testing positions:4
Average rate (s/d):-10+20
Average running time (h):40
Frequency/hour:18.000 / 2.5Hz
Bi-directional automatic winding:Yes
Stopper of self-winding unit activated during manual winding:Yes
The case is of stainless steel and measures 43 mm in diameter, and is rated to be water resistant to a depth of 40 ATM (1355.98) according to Kyle's Converter

The other thing that makes this the best of the Raketa Tool collection is the price - 950 including the VAT.

So, if you are hankering for a Russian tool watch, the Amphibia 0252 is the best one out there.  And that is My Opinion Is Fact for today.

Enjoy your watches!

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