Wednesday, June 23, 2021

BaselWorld IV - The Revenge!

So with resolutely modern aplomb, BaselWorld decided to be true to their DNA while being disruptive!

Translation?  It does not appear that the organizers have learned a damn thing. 

You may recall that way back when, there was a trade show for watches and jewelry hosted in a fairly large Swiss city located at the point where Switzerland, Germany and France shook hands. The show was popular and well attended. But slowly, almost imperceptibly at first, attendance began to wane, brands began to stop participating, retailers stopped visiting... you get the idea. Now the fair organizers themselves would say things like- "we've listened to our customers, and we're going to change!  Lower prices, yaddah, yaddah, yaddah."  Because the truth is, it's the same thing that they've been saying for the past several years. 

And spoiler alert - 

I honestly do not know that next year's BaselWorld will really be significantly any different than previous episodes.

We shall wait, and we shall see.

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