Thursday, April 8, 2021

When You Put Pineapple On Your Pizza

Lesser known Henki factoid - I worked my way through my final year of high school and first year of university "slinging" pizzas at Selenti's Pizza in Oberlin, Ohio and a brief stint at Track Town Pizza in Eugene, Oregon. Now in the interest of full disclosure, as regards todays title, I did pioneer what I believe is the ONLY instance where pineapple truly belonged on pizza: whole wheat dough, tomato sauce (and this part is important) NO CHEESE. The  Coup de grĂ¢ce? Linguica and pineapple. The saltiness of the sausage creating a playful contretemps with the pineapple. In a world dominated by pepperoni and extra cheese, it was truly "disruptive".  Yeah, I went there ; )

Now I know what you're thinking - sounds dreadful! And in hindsight, for other folks (let's say 98% of the pizza eating population) it would be. But for me (the inventor and champion of it) it was the witches britches (that means good). And while the "Portuguese Pineapple" pizza is now lost to culinary history, it serves as a pretty good metaphor to one of Rolex's Watches and Wonders releases -
Courtesy of Rolex
Yes, gentle reader, a two-tone Explorer. 

Now I want to go on record for 2 things -
1. I really respect Rolex and 
2. I think that 98% of the time, they hit the bullseye. 

But like my gastronomical creation back in the day, this is not one of those times.

Now a bit about me - I do not attend "watch gatherings". I do not sit up late at night memorizing Rolex serial numbers so that I can seem witty at the next collector's gathering. Truth be told, after A LOT of years in the industry, I truly do not care any longer. My point being, I am not a dyed in the wool purist.

Would I buy a Rolex?  Hell's yes! I was a proud owner of an Explorer back in 2003 and sorely miss it. I love the new, brightly colored Oyster Perpetuals (just in case you think I am a fan of monolithic design codes). But there are some things that are just right, just as they are. And the Explorer was one of those things.

Having said that, if this is the one that you've been pining for, wear it proudly and without apology. Because above all else, a watch should be a personal choice.

Enjoy your watches - and your pizza!

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  1. Just as Rolex is so close here (save the two-tone for the Datejusts where it belongs), you were close, but linguica and jalepeno pizza at Track Town was where it was at.