Tuesday, March 9, 2021

New Voices - Something Worth Reading

When I'm not writing Tempus Fugit, or running an education non-profit, I am consulting with brands mighty and not-so. And more often than not, wish #1 is to be on Hodinkee! The hope, the absolute unshakable conviction is one appearance in Hodinkee and your problems as a watch brand are forever over. That same carrot is often dangled by a few of the would be monarchs who send a rate card with every press release they receive. And it becomes more and more challenging as a reader to have even the vaguest of ideas as to why you should read outlet A or outlet Z. It used to be about content, but more and more it feels like the reading equivalent of watching an F1 or Nascar race where not a square inch is spared from sponsorship or promotion.

So it was actually quite a pleasant revelation to stumble across something a little different - Willem's Blog

Now fair warning, it is not all about watches - and in fact that is one of the very likable aspects of the endeavor. There is a great story on a "do-it-yourself" watch cleaning project - https://willem.com/blog/2020-08-23_cleaning-a-vintage-watch/

There is also a long-term review of a Tudor Black Bay - https://willem.com/blog/2020-06-17_tudor-black-bay-36-long-term-review/

But when I fell in love with this hidden blogging gem was when I read his piece on rescuing a vintage Batavus bicycle - https://willem.com/blog/2016-09-03_batavus-champion-bike-from-1978/

And bringing it all back home was a very thoughtful piece on his experience of designing and buying an ochs und junior annual calendar - https://willem.com/blog/2020-11-30_designing-my-own-watch/

It is understandable that we tend to consume what is convenient. And if Hodinkee and A Blog To Watch are the McDonald's and Burger King of the watch media game, I would strongly encourage you to dive a little deeper, and put the same amount of research into what you are reading as you would invest into what you put on your wrist. Like a slow dinner with people you care about, Willem's Blog is worth the effort, check it out!

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