Friday, March 19, 2021

Happy Anniversary Hager Watches!

It seems, in a way, quite fitting that Tempus Fugit and Hager Watches both got their start in the same year. I have worn and reviewed (I believe) everything in the Hager collection with the exception of the original Commando.  

Now before we go further, I want to be clear that I am what would (in less cynical times) be what you would call a friend of the brand, and Hager is definitely a friend of Tempus Fugit. I am predisposed to like what they make, but owing to five years of friendship, I can be honest with the owner - Pierre Brown, and he can be honest with me. 

This is the latest offering from Hager, the long awaited 10th anniversary Commando model. I apologize for the "quick" photo without a full "wipe down", but in truth Hager does not make show ponies. They make watches to be worn. 

And as with previous models, it features Hager's ratcheting clasp -

I will be back with full specs, and some feedback in a day or so.  

Ten years has flown by for Hager, and it all started with this -

Courtesy of Hager Watches

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