Tuesday, March 23, 2021

"Freshly Pasted Poster Reveals A Smile From The Past"

"How Bizarre" - OMC 

On a morning where the Taste Makers of Watch Town and their editorial acolytes seem hell bent on jamming the latest offerings from Omega down the collective throats of a global readership, I was profoundly happy to receive an email from Martin Pauli with images of what is probably my second all-time favorite watch of his (and definitely in my all time top 10) -

Courtesy of Angular Momentum
This is the Spaceship, and it is THE Shit That Killed Elvis!

Courtesy of Angular Momentum
I have spent a bit of time with Martin Pauli at BaselWorlds past, and I can honestly say that he is a thoughtful, and genuine fellow. I doubt very seriously that he wakes up on any given morning thinking -

"How can I make Angular Momentum more mainstream?"

I suspect he wakes up, has an inspiration, and designs something particularly cool. And then spends time refining it until it is ready. And once it is, there is no mass fanfare. He sends the word out in a dignified manner, and if it's your jam (as it is mine), you respond. If it isn't, that's okay. He is not going to lose sleep trying to sway you. And in truth? That is profoundly reassuring in an industry that sends out press communication not unlike Sally Field's Oscar acceptance speech -

Martin Pauli makes cool stuff without worrying too much about pleasing the masses. 

I like that!

But back to the Spaceship -

Courtesy of Angular Momentum
Try to imagine that Jules Verne went to get a watch made, this would be it.

The case measures 50 mm, and is of bronze.  The rivets and strap mounting "hardware" are of brass. 

Courtesy of Angular Momentum
And the lume is truly "out of this world"!

Courtesy of Angular Momentum
The movement is the FH 96.

Courtesy of Angular Momentum
The strap is natural rubber.
Courtesy of Angular Momentum
It's hard not to be romantic about watches. And I thank Martin Pauli and Angular Momentum for reminding me of that!

Now to have an uncomfortable conversation with my piggy bank, because gentle reader - I REALLY WANT THIS WATCH!

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