Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Further - 7 Days and More with the Paulin Neo B

A few observations about my wife Wendy. She is really pretty - but that is an easy (and obvious) one. She is kind, and far more patient than I could ever be. She is Canadian, albeit a dual citizen of the lower 48 now, which probably explains the kindness and patience. She is far smarter than I will ever hope to be, and she is always finding some interesting new thing, be it a podcast, a story, or a far-away town well off the beaten path that makes me question whether or not she has some telepathic link to the universe at large that the rest of us lack.
One of my favorite writers (albeit an occasionally short-fused one in real life... sound like anyone we know?), Richard Ford wrote a wonderful essay about his wife Kristina for Esquire (US edition) back in 1990.  I remember reading and being knocked out by it, cutting it out and putting it up on my wall next to my desk my final year at the University of Oregon back in the summer of 90.  Should you wish to read it in its entirety you can find it here -

In the essay, he shared a comment that many of us married to remarkable women get from friends and acquaintances, essentially -
How did a guy like you get a woman like her to marry you?

And while he offered a few very witty ripostes, my simple answer is that I got lucky.  And I continue to get lucky, so far I've enjoyed a lucky streak of 26 years. For another possible answer, Mr. Ford turned a John Milton/Branch Rickey (and God knows who else) quote on it's head -

"Anybody with any brains knows that design is always just the residue of luck".

And yes, I've had enough luck for several lifetimes.

Wendy has an interesting eye, particularly when it comes to watches. You can't really assign a "type" when it comes to what she likes: 

  • My Omega Seamaster 30 (circa 1962) purchased for approximately $30 US in a Turku, Finland flea market.
  • A briefly owned and loved (and still deeply missed) Rolex Explorer. 
  • A bright red Angular Momentum sport model (one of my personal favs).
  • A Nomos Tangente (great watches, absolute turds working in the PR office - that's my comment, not hers).                                                                       
She's not really impressed by brand names or celebrity ambassadors. She likes what she likes based on her own opinion. And...
This is by long way of saying that Wendy has been wearing the Paulin Neo B for the past few days and like Mikey of Life Cereal fame, I think she likes it. 

So I'll be back next week with an update and final impressions - stay tuned.

And stay lucky!

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