Tuesday, November 17, 2020

And.... That's 2 Down

Word reached the North Shore this afternoon that Watches and Wonders has opted to do a "Sleeping Beauty" for 2021 and preemptively - and WISELY decided to cancel the 2021 show. The show will go on, albeit online. Although I am not on the Richemont Christmas card list, I respect this decision and it was the right thing to do.

But as with dominoes, where one falls they tend to take others with them. A quick visit to the website for Inhorgenta in Munich has also run up a white flag, that is at least if the event calendar is anything to go by as the dates that had previously (and recently) announced to coincide with Watches and Wonders are now on the Messe-Muenchen website as postponed - 


And I suspect that Hour Universe will be changing their slogan to "It Will Be We Time...Maybe... Someday..."

And just Imagine!  Well, it's gonna' take a LOT of Imagination, and blindly stubborn faith to move forward with the proposed show in Lausanne.  Well, let's imagine that maybe 2022 will be luckier.  I imagine it can't be any worse than this year - imagine that!

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