Monday, October 5, 2020

Mido On Monday - Getting Closer!

 We are getting closer!

So a movement was found, regulated, inserted and tested!  So far so good!  Owing to the vagaries of the Mido casing system, while everything is in, the movement and dial are snugly connected, the spacer rings are not 100% Mido factory original, so the search is on for an original Mido crown and gasket set that meets the original spec.  A set of awesome new straps have been ordered from the good folks at Lic in Belgium, so stay tuned! 

This has been a bit of a personal journey for me. A Mido watch marked the hours and minutes of my coming up as a Northern Youth. From my father, to me, to (I hope still) my niece (but you never know). With that said, I have been longing for something to connect those dots. With two possible exceptions, Mido has not made anything recently that has even remotely tickled my fancy.  I do admire the new Mido Ocean Star Decompression Timer, but I will see the Tweed wearing swells from Hodinkee in Hell before I give them a penny of my money ; )

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