Friday, September 4, 2020

The Transfer Window Opens

 At Kerbedanz -
Courtesy of Kerbedanz
So after a fairly protracted search, the new Captain of the Good Ship Kerbedanz has been revealed.  Here's wishing Guillain Maspétiol the best of success in his new role. 

The press release (in terms of hyperbolic content and slightly odd English usage) can be read in its entirety here -

Swiss watchmaking of excellence: Kerbedanz’s new CEO
Guillain Maspétiol, highlighting an ultimate signature
His confidence and his energy are communicative. Filled with an unspoiled emotion, the one of his early days in watchmaking, this man of field and vision practices tenacity and conviction. Guillain Maspétiol now heads Kerbedanz.

Tigran Kerbedanz and Kalust Zorik, founders of the Kerbedanz brand, are pleased to announce the appointment of Guillain Maspétiol as CEO. "With outstanding agility and creativity, Kerbedanz will deploy both in terms of product and distribution," said the new CEO.

Motivation and inspiration to achieve excellence
His stance is a bubbling of ideas to reposition the brand. Ideas for the future, anchored in the near past of a family brand that, far from the overly historical shackles, multiplies the field of opportunities. It's all there: the brand combines the know-how of arts and crafts with enamel and engraving expertise, as well as the mastery of mother complications and pure chronometry. Nevertheless, Kerbedanz, which has Maximus, an incredibly
distinctive and powerful model, the largest tourbillon in the world, also deserves to explore wider territories.

Above all, there is emotion within the team, often experienced in unique pieces, small series and prestigious clients. Guillain Maspétiol can't resist quoting as a motivating inspiration this informal tagline that used to flow behind the scenes at Jaeger-LeCoultre, where he has worked for a long time: "l'oeil, la main, le coeur..." Forceful words, capable even of inspiring a lifetime dedicated to excellence.

Kerbedanz facing the world's markets
Guillain Maspétiol comes from a very complete career path for great names in watchmaking. He joined Cartier in Hong Kong at the end of 1994. He quickly contracted the watchmaking virus: "I turned to watches, I was able to specialize" admits the man who then joined a major brand in the Vallée de Joux.
And most of all, he never stopped criss-crossing the world's markets. From Travel Retail Manager in Seoul, again for Cartier, he moved to Dubai, mainly for Jaeger- LeCoultre, and also for IWC. From Turkey to India and Pakistan, via Yemen and the Gulf countries, it also managed all of North Africa. He then went to England for a couple of years as Brand Director before taking over the governance of one of its major markets, France. Finally, still for Jaeger-LeCoultre, Guillain Maspétiol returned to Hong Kong for four and a half years to head up the whole of North Asia. His worldwide market expertise will surely be valuable to Kerbedanz.

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