Thursday, September 17, 2020

Our Post On an Exciting New Release Today...

Is not happening.  


Well,  because gentle reader, it would seem that the way big-time marketing and PR works is that Big Important Outlet A is first going to leverage a brand for expensive advertising.  The brand gladly pays them.  And then as part of the "benefit" of charging said brand thousands of dollars for the "privilege" of giving Outlet A outlandish sums of money, they are then going to give the brand the "benefit" of an exclusive on their new release!  

In other words, they've already been paid, and now they want to control the information so that you, gentle reader, will be duped into the false belief that Outlet A is somehow better informed.  

They are not.  They are apparently just good salespeople. And extremely cynical ones at that.

And so that the title of today's post doesn't cause you to immediately search the vast array of watch news outlets to try and guess "who it is", this is not  attached specifically to today - it is a growing, and really pretty fucking sad state of affairs. It will continue so long as sharps masquerading as jumped up writers keep insisting that silver crosses their palms (preferably coin of the realm) before they will deign to write a word, let alone a sentence. 

So no release info today, we're gonna' keep it real. 

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