Wednesday, August 12, 2020

When You Reach Your Star - Wordy Rappinghood Part the Second

A rap rap here and a rap rap there
Here rap, there rap
Everywhere a rap rap

Lyrics to Wordy Rappinghood courtesy of Tom Tom Club
So it seems that I might have hit a nerve yesterday with my remarks about Zenith's now trending tagline, "Reach Your Star".  Some commented that I was being a "grammar cop", others that I clearly had no imagination, and one very sincere email from someone who said that a non-native English speaker should not be held to an unfair standard.
All of these opposing points of view are absolutely valid, and having said that, I stand by my comments. It's interesting to note that there was very little love or sympathy for Tudor, in fact, several harsher things were shared with me, some which are not fit for a family publication ; )
But let's get back to Zenith and "Reach Your Star".  A few readers pointed out that Zenith's logo is a star, and that by reaching your star, you are reaching the Zenith watch that is just right for you. Okay, fair enough. Let's run with that idea -
Rolex - Reach Your Crown
Alpina - Reach Your Triangle
Tudor - Reach Your Rose / Reach Your Shield
Corum - Reach Your Upside Down, Stylized Skeleton Key (or whatever the hell that thing is)
Eterna - Reach Your Five (5) Ball Bearings
Ulysse Nardin - Reach Your Anchor
Yes, I am being extremely facetious, but I still believe that Zenith could have done better here.  
I realize and appreciate that it is easy to be critical, so I will now share with you, gentle readers, that I am the person responsible for the DOXA tagline and advertising campaign -
The Inventors of Orange
Folks from DOXA Europe and I went round and round on this one. They truly wanted to call it - 
The Inventors of THE Orange
In the end, I won that particular battle of the
tagline ; )

Writing a good tagline is hard, needless to say -
all critiques of my work from 12 years ago are welcome!

Rap it up for the common good
Let us enlist the neighborhood
It's okay, I've over stood
This is a wordy rapping hood, okay, bye

Lyrics to Wordy Rappinghood courtesy of Tom Tom Club

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