Tuesday, August 25, 2020

The Urban Day Date

From MeisterSinger -
Courtesy of MeisterSinger
This one sorta' speaks to me.  I am a MeisterSinger fan from "back in the day" (that's the early oughts), and while I do feel that at the moment there are a few too many SKUs trying to offer too much, this one is one strikes just that right note.  It is still true to the original idea of a one-handed timekeeper, but it subtly adds two nice (and subtly balanced) features - a day and date indicator.
Courtesy of MeisterSinger
The case is of stainless steel and measures 40 mm in diameter. The movement is Miyota's 8285 with a boasted power reserve of 42 hours.
Courtesy of MeisterSinger
But this one, gentle reader?  This one smacks me in the face in a very positive, happy way.  As silly as this seems coming from a 52 year-old man who used to make his living writing watch advertising copy targeted at 35-55 year old men fantasizing about punching out a Nazi on Omaha Beach...
this one makes me smile.

What is it?  It's not any one thing, but several.  A nice large dial, big bold numbers, and a slightly unusual color play with a blue/grey dial, white numbers and indices alternating every so often with red ones, and red and white day and date indicators that honestly look as if they are smiling at you.

And one other "small" consideration?  I am also a social worker. It is highly unlikely that I am going to be plumping for the latest Czapek or De Bethune in the foreseeable.  It is a much more realistic purchase than what you might be reading about in the other outlets this week ; )
Courtesy of MeisterSinger
So to be clear, I am not trying to make any value judgements about your watch choices. I suspect you tune into this space because you might be looking for a different point of view. And simply put, life is too short not to be happy, and when I look at this particular version of MeisterSinger's Urban Day Date?  I am happy!

Enjoy your watches!

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