Saturday, April 4, 2020

A Sincere Concern

So I understand that Tempus Fugit is not a big outlet. And I further realize and expect that the big dogs running the big brands are not necessarily habitu├ęs of Tempus Fugit either.  So perhaps I am just pissing into the wind here.

It seems that no amount of information and science was enough to persuade two large brands who decided to have big parties in two hot-spots for contagion (London and New York City) with some of the press lauding them for being bold and audacious. Let's just hope that the "goodie bag" was all that attendees left these parties with.

I have never (to the best of my knowledge) met Georges Kern and I suspect that maybe I never will, but when I read the news that he intends to re-open Breitling on Monday on -(

I was actually quite concerned.

Mr. Kerns, if you are reading this, please reconsider what you are doing.  Please think about the health and safety of your staff,  your team, YOUR SQUAD.  

Contrary to the steadfast belief by a few colleagues in the Fourth and Fifth Estate and the brain trust at LVMH watch, I am not Satan.  I do not wish anyone any bad fortune and I actually would be thrilled to see Breitling come back WHEN IT IS SAFE, make a bunch of awesome watches and break every sales record in the world.  Hand to God, please make it so.

But what is currently being proposed is really concerning.  Not just to the people coming into work, but to their families and everyone that they will come into contact with from the time they leave home until they return at the end of their shift.

Believe me, I get it.  I want to be active as well.

But the truth is, unfortunately, that we are not days but really weeks away from any reasonable return to normalcy.  

We all want to be back in action, working, happy, back to normal.  

And we will be.  

But not yet.

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