Monday, December 9, 2019

What I'd Buy Myself - Part 3

As we continue with the Tempus Fugit "Anti-Holiday Gift Guide" format, another thing I would buy myself (and spoiler alert - I already did!), would be a pair of the new ilmia sneakers.
As I have said previously, I am a long-term fan of ilmia.  I know the CEO, he's a nice guy, and I think that the ilmia sneaker is something really special.  

What ilmia is offering is certainly something different - sneakers made by hand, in Europe, one pair at a time.  And as a child of Nike (and previously Adidas) I can tell you that there is indeed something to be said for consistency.  ilmia does not give you thousands of choices.  You can have two slightly different flavors of white, or black, or if you're particularly daring?  Brown.
Courtesy of ilmia
Not unlike the Adidas Rom or the Puma Roma, or the Nike Cortez, this is a fairly straight-forward, every day sneaker. 

I like ilmia for a LOT of reasons.  It is not flashy, it is not screaming for your attention.  You will note that you do not have to go and get an ilmia app so that you can be aware of the next "drop".  Simply put?  They've dropped!  You don't have to panic, or suffer through an unseemly case of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out).  You don't have to camp out in front of your favorite outlet overnight, in the cold, to purchase them.  There are no "signature" models... 
Okay, I take that back.  There is ONE signature model that I am aware of ; )

Now ultimately, ilmia is not for everyone.  And as my Mee-Maw used to say - "that's what makes a horse race".  

But, if you are not one to necessarily follow the crowd, and you want to treat your feet to something special?  I highly recommend them!

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