Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Best in Show 2019 - The Email Jour/Nuit Antoine Tavan 1805 - Part 1

Now despite my aversion to "buying guides" and "My Top Picks" articles, I do think that from time to time there are some pieces that hit a nerve, in the best possible way.
I was fortunate to be get an "advance-screening" of the Email Jour/Nuit. I explained carefully to the brand's owner and creative "Guardo Camino" Roger Zarzoso that once the watch was on Kickstarter, I could not write any sort of review until after the Kickstarter phase was concluded.  

Well, after a successful Kickstarter campaign, I can now pull back the curtains and give you my thoughts.  I am off to the center now - the students won't teach themselves ; ).   But I will be back this afternoon to give you the straight skinny.

Stay tuned!

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