Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Worth Your Time - Wind Vintage

In a world where the line between "pre-owned" and grey market have become blurred beyond recognition, it is nice to know that there is still someone out there who is doing things in an honest, straightforward manner.  Eric Wind (below) is the proprietor of Wind Vintage, a place where you can obtain some truly wonderful watches with some true history behind them.
Courtesy of Wind Vintage
Wind Vintage, at least as near as I can tell, does not rely on a lot of hyperbole. Visit their web shop and you will quickly realize that it is a fairly simple proposition. If you're after that "BNIB" (Brand New In Box) light-grey market Omega, Zenith or Breitling, then he is probably not your go-to. But thank goodness for the rest of us that he is out there doing what he is doing!

A quick perusal of the Wind Vintage offerings this morning reveals an Angelus Chronodato, an Audemars Piguet by BVLGARI 1941 Coin Watch, and a personal favorite - an RCAF Birks Chronograph.

It is clear that Mr Wind is one of the few people in the watch business who will Sherlock Holmes the shit out of a watch search and find a piece that is far beyond the ordinary. Just the antidote in a world full of sameness.

You can check out Wind Vintage here -

We'll be reaching out to Mr. Wind to see if we can get an interview, or get him on the podcast, but if you are a fellow who appreciates the real deal, lively-up yourselves and check out Wind Vintage.

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