Monday, September 23, 2019

Mido On Monday - Multifort Centro Chronograph

So for our inaugural Mido On Monday post, I'd like to unearth an old favorite.  Now old is pretty relative, but this watch came out in the earlier part of this century.  And it is kinda' special for me because my friend, Lorenz Aebischer was involved with it during his Mido days -

Shamelessly borrowed from the World-Wide Info-web
This one was a bit before it's time in many ways.  Mido was known for tough, durable watches, and this one came in at a significantly higher price point.  And if I am honest, as clever a watch as it was, and as great a watch it STILL IS, it just never really caught on.

Mido has, historically anyway, been almost a bit of a curiosity here in the US until recently.  Very strong in Mexico, (and again, until recently) only typically seen in Southern California, Texas, Arizona... well, you get the idea.  Fortunately things are starting to change, and Mido is getting more of the attention it deserves across the lower 48.

This one was special, and it is not exactly an easy one to find on the pre-owned market, and for me it unites Mido with one of my friends from the industry.  

I will be reaching out to the folks at Mido HQ to see if there are some official photos and some more info that can be shared.

Enjoy your Monday!

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