Monday, July 29, 2019

I'm a Dapper Dan Man!

Okay, this post is a bit of a mash-up.  But then again, the inspiration is perhaps one of the greatest improvisers of fashion in the 80s, who is back on top with a collaboration with Gucci.  

Believe it or not, I have followed Dapper Dan for quite a little bit of time.  Daniel R. Day is someone who truly epitomizes the drive, determination and hustle of the entrepreneur.  But more than that, Mr. Day had (and has) his finger on the pulse of what people want.  Equal parts salesman, designer, dreamer and alchemist.  I have been reading his memoir this past week and really enjoyed it.  

But speaking of mash ups, in reading Mr. Day's memoir, I was reminded of another hustler who changed an industry, also with Gucci - Severin Wunderman.  I never met Mr. Wunderman so I have had to rely on several of Severin's Children to get a handle on how he did things at Gucci and later Corum.  

And then it hit me - I don't know if anyone at Gucci reads this little "bloggy-wog", but it occurred to me that a Gucci - Dapper Dan watch collaboration would be something to behold, and in keeping with the vibe of the man who started it all.

So Gucci, if you're listening, this idea is a freebie - help yourself and make it happen!

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