Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Severin's Children, and the New Gucci Grip

It's very funny to be sitting here, going on 10:00 PM north of Boston, now nearly 11 years since his passing, to be thinking of Severin Wunderman.

One of the real gifts that writing this little blog has brought me is friendship.  Friendships that would not have happened otherwise.  And within the hard-core journeymen, the real dyed in the wool guys and gals who came up in the late 80s in 90s is a group who frequently identify themselves as "Severin's Children".  These are folks who have had lofty positions, run major brands and companies, and still hold sway with even the most demanding of customers.  And yet?  They still look back on their time with either Gucci or later Corum as perhaps the most formative time in their careers.  I have met the great and the good in the watch business, and to be honest?  A lot of them are pretty underwhelming.  And I have learned over time, that you have to nose your way around the lobby of the Hyperion during BaselWorld to rub shoulders with the real movers and shakers.  It's easy to get a job and be a "company" man or woman. But it takes something special to light out on your own, taking the lessons you've learned and create your own thing.  And this is a quality that has marked the continuing success of Severin's Children.

But as I often say, you don't live in the past.  When Mr. Sofisti left Gucci Watches, there was a loss.  And if I am honest, I wasn't really feeling it.  Going several years without an appointment (despite requests) at BaselWorld didn't help either ; )

But, again, you don't live in the past!  And the latest advertising campaign, when taken in tandem with one of the latest models, the Grip, shows that Gucci seems to have some wonderful new life breathing through it!

Ladies and Gentlemen, and children of all ages...

The Grip -
Courtesy of Gucci

Courtesy of Gucci
Courtesy of Gucci

Courtesy of Gucci

Like some of Mr. Wunderman's greatest hits, these latest Gucci designs are not necessarily going to be everyones choice.  They are not "safe", but to be honest?  They speak to me.  And although as a former "watch ad guy" (you might remember me from such campaigns as "The Inventors of Orange") most of the stuff churning through the watch press really puts me to sleep, I have to say that I am sorta' digging the Gucci campaign.  Why?  
Well because in the words of one of "Severin's Children", Roderick Hess -   "You can't email a handshake."

Per Gucci's release -

Alessandro Michele, Gucci’s Creative Director, conceived Gucci’s new advertising campaign for its timepieces after being inspired by the most human of interactions: the handshake. A warm gesture of inclusivity, the handshake becomes the true character of the campaign. Depicting a charismatic and confident leader on the campaign trail, photographer Ari Marcopoulos portrays and debunks the image of power in a series of meet-and-greets, emphasizing the diversity of the personalities that a campaigner could encounter on his travels.

Courtesy of Gucci

Now, gentle reader, I know that Mr. Wunderman is no longer with Gucci, and has not been for some time.  And I know that the Grip, and this new campaign are the work of other talented, creative people - Alessandro Michele for one!  But I can say that at least for this humble reporter, it feels like the magic is back!  So well done Gucci, let's see if you can extend the magic!

Enjoy your watches.

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