Wednesday, April 3, 2019

The Coolest Things at Basel - The ARCHIMÈDES

In the time honored tradition of all of my colleagues in the Fourth and Fifth Estates, I too will now share with you what I found to be the coolest items at Basel.  I'm going to be spooling them out one at a time.  

I will kick it off with the feel-good, love-song-triumphant return of Milus.

The story of Milus is a long one, and we'll dig in deeper in a future post, but for many of us we are well-acquainted with the Snow Star.  And again, we'll get deeper into that in another future post ; )

But suffice it to say, not so long ago Milus went dark.  And it looked as if it might stay that way until one Luc Tissot rode into Biel/Bienne and saved the day!  The result was the re-launch this year of Milus.  And to their credit, this was one of the sanest, most intelligent launches I have seen in Basel for some time.  No fashion models, no "famous friends" of the brand, and most certainly not a million different SKUs (Models).  They brought three models, limited color ways, and a clear communication of what Milus is now.

And one model, in particular, caught my eye -

This is the Archimedes. It is available in blue, or my favorite, black.

A solid case back is just one of the many thoughtful design details that I really appreciated.  It is in keeping with the theme of the watch, and let's be honest, why would you want a display back on a vintage inspired watch?

And what is that?  Why an HRV valve, of course!  Which you might expect on a watch costing three times the amount.

A wonderfully soft, yet strong leather strap with signed buckle instead of the all too often used deployment buckle.  Again, it maintains the spirit of the watch itself.  The strap is a "quick spring" version allowing you to change the strap without a tool.  It will also ship with a cordura/sport strap to allow you to enjoy your Milus in the briny deep.

And it is all rounded out by the packaging - a wonderfully practical solution - a leather zippered pouch that can be used for travel.  

The case measures 41 mm and is of stainless steel.  The movement is ETA's 2892A2 "Top".  Helium release valve and internal bi-directional bezel.  Water resistant to 300 meters / 1000 feet.

Suggested retail is CHF 1919 and if I understood correctly, it is available for order now.


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