Sunday, March 31, 2019

SWATCH X YOU and Henki Time

The Monday before BaselWorld found me a wee bit groggy after touching down in Zurich and "training" it in to Biel/Bienne.  My good pal Rod Hess and I had some time to kill prior to attending the Watch City / BaselWorld kickoff event, so we went on a field trip to the SWATCH campus.  

We drove around and looked at the usual things, and then something caught my eye.  So Rod pulled over and we got out of the car to take a closer look -

No, it was not a Sonic Burger!  It was a SWATCH concept store with sort of a Jetsons meets retail feeling.  As far as I understand it, the store is new and will continue to develop.  I was worried that perhaps they had not opened yet, but we were welcomed in and looked around.  

And there in pride of place was the design station for the SWATCH X YOU -

Now a bit of Henki history, my mother was a very talented artist and at the never-too-late age of 52 embarked on a career in fashion design.  Suffice it to say, the artistic/creative gene did not land in my personal DNA pool.  But SWATCH has the solution for me and my fellow would-be watch designers.

The system is pretty simple, you pick a background pattern and drag the outline of the SWATCH over the pattern (there are quite a few to chose from), and once you've completed the process, you submit everything, pay at the counter, and your watch immediately goes into "production".  If you live in Switzerland, you can have it delivered to your home.  But fear not!  For those of you not able to visit Biel/Bienne, or who do not live in Switzerland, you can do the same thing online at the SWATCH site.  

So I "designed", I confirmed, and yes, gentle reader, I paid.  I received an email the very next day that my SWATCH was ready (I was already on a train heading to Grenchen), but I had arranged for the new Henki Time original to be delivered to my friend who would bring it to the fair.  The day after, it was at my friends, and then hand delivered to me!

So if you always wanted to design your own SWATCH (within the provided patterns) here's your chance!

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