Thursday, March 7, 2019

So Healthy, It's Smokin'!

Okay, I've held off on posting for awhile because there hasn't been much new or interesting to swim into my "in box".  And the stuff that has managed to wiggle its way through has reminded me that sometimes people make poorly informed decisions.

Today's mail brought a reminder, asking me to confirm my attendance at Brand X's world premier launch of their new watch that will, apparently, "mechanically heal" me.  Now as the odometer passed the half-century mark this past July, I am interested in all of the healing I can get, mechanical or otherwise.  

Curious to relate, the press release and the video give absolutely no indication exactly how this nifty new watch will achieve this miraculous impact on my health, but clearly no expense was spared on the video itself, it's quite lovely.

So your launching this amazing watch that is going to be revolutionary in its ability to improve your health, where should you hold the press conference?

Why a cigar bar, of course!  Because when being healthy is one of your primary concerns, what better way to engender that feeling than to cram a bunch of journalists into a closed-off, smokey room!

Clearly, the communication portion still needs some work ; )

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