Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Novecento Meccanografiche

In fairness, you may likely have already heard of this "newish" brand from Italy.

Courtesy of Novecento Meccanografiche

Novecento Meccanografiche is based in CASTELFIORENTINO, a little less than an hour outside of Florence.  

Courtesy of Novecento Meccanografiche

Now the obvious conclusions we could (I think mistakenly) jump to is that this is a brand trying to ride on either Panerai or the more lamentable loss of Anonimo.  I think that would be wrong.  The folks at NM (sorry, that is one LOOOONG name) have established a fairly certain design grammar.  It is unabashedly rugged, a watch designed for use in some fairly rough environments.  But it also has those little touches that make it (to me at least) special.  

I quite like the crown configuration.  It is tactile, solid and not trying to be give the look and feel of something it is not.  The movement is handwound - the 6497 which makes me smile as it reminds me of my long-gone Panerai B series (yes, I had it and sold it, and have pretty much regretted it ever since).  The rotating bezel is a nice touch as well, it adds that little "whats' it". The straps are made by a local company and I might be wrong on this last point, but I heard a rumor that they may, indeed, offer a water resistant / Kodiak type of leather strap.  I have sent a request for further information, and promise to keep you posted.

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