Monday, February 11, 2019

New Brand Announcement - REDACTED

A new brand has just been announced in advance of BaselWorld, and for once Tempus Fugit has managed to get the jump on the other outlets ; )


Have you ever wondered what happens to the guys and gals that name their brand after themselves, and then sell the brand, or lose it to an investor?  Or the folks who were using their own name legitimately, but then faced legal action from an aggrieved party who owned a brand similarly named and forced them to abandon their brand even after years of successfully doing business?

Well, it would seem that a group of watch lovers who also happen
to be attorneys felt that there was a very real window of opportunity to not only get these folks back to making watches, but to do it in a way that did not violate their non-compete and naming agreements.  
The founder of REDACTED had this to say -

"It's a funny thing, most of the sales and cease operations agreements specify that the former brand owner cannot use their name again, and that they cannot launch THEIR OWN brand.  But they don't say anything about working for someone else.  REDACTED is now actively partnering with several legendary watch makers who for legal reasons cannot use their own name for a brand, and cannot be "owners" of a competing brand.  My partners and I felt that it was one of the most inexcusable wastes of talent and potential to prevent some of these artists from working and creating their wonderful timepieces.  REDACTED now gives them their voices back." 

Yes, by now you've probably figured out that this is not a true story.  But wouldn't it be nice if it was? 

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