Saturday, February 16, 2019

Movements from America

Courtesy of FTS

Now before we take a deep dive here, in the interest of transparency, I did not attend the launch of the FTS facility, or the earlier announcement/press event, but a few of the "bigger" outlets did.  So I need to stress that my update here is based on materials provided by FTS, I have yet to visit, see the facilities or even the products in person.  Having said that, if all is as advertised, it is a very impressive enterprise underway in the Arizona desert, and I suspect that a very solid business will emerge.

Courtesy of FTS

Here is the info, straight from the source -

Fine Timepiece Solutions Launches American Watch & Movement Manufacturing Facility

Joined by the Mayor of Fountain Hills, two-time #1 bestselling author David Meltzer, technology partners, local dignitaries and a core group of American based watch brands, Fine Timepiece Solutions has formally launched the rebirth of American watch making.

After more than three years of planning and over a year of conceptualization and construction, Fine Timepiece Solutions (FTS) has formally launched the commercial watch manufacturing and supply business to bring American watch making back to life.

Under the technical direction of CMW21 accredited master watchmaker Manuel Yazijian, FTS technicians and watchmakers are hand crafting a catalog of 16 Ameriquartz watch movement calibers built to the most stringent standards in a state of the art facility. FTS builds, regulates, and tests Ameriquartz movements as well as produces and tests complete watches for client brands.

This first step in re-establishing an American source for critical components, as well as domestic assembly, will help the growing corps of American based watch brands realize their creations right here in the USA.


  1. I was in attendance and I can confirm most of the PR is indeed true. This is my first visit since the launch one year ago and the ongoing forward march is nothing short of miraculous. While this has the "feel" of a quaint and quiet little "start-up" the underlying strength and passion is, at time, astoundingly loud and ambitious. My bet is on huge success. These guys are not "playing".

  2. So "Ameriquartz" -- and the movement being assembled in the video -- lead me to believe this is a quartz-based endeavor, but I note that the Brillier Airborne they case (which looks fantastic) states "Automatic" on the dial, so...?