Monday, January 21, 2019

A Christmas Bonus

Well, we've been a bit behind schedule here at Tempus Fugit HQ owing to a fairly massive project that I have undertaken (more to come on that).  So I haven't really had a chance to even reflect too much on what Santa Claus brought me for Christmas.  In fact the coolest item under the tree did not come from a rotund fellow in a red suit with white trim.  No, in fact one of the coolest things that I received was a joint present from my work mates, the Executive Publisher and the Cub Reporter -

And I suppose it might have been a gentle hint to get back on the horse and write a bit more frequently, but I have to say it really hit my visceral buttons.  I have often waxed lyrical about Pelikan, and they make a very fine pen.  But I have to be honest, I am becoming more and more enamored with Kaweco!

This is the Kaweco Student 70 Soul Rollerball.  And it is the Witches Britches

It is wonderfully whimsical, reminiscent of the

Creamsicle® of my youth -
Courtesy of Popscicle
And that is perhaps what I have come to love so much about Kaweco.  Rather than pontificating and bloviating on how important, stately, iconic (insert other self-important language here) their pen brand is, Kaweco tends to focus on communicating just how much fun a pen can be.

Shamelessly borrowed from the world-wide infoweb

Ultimately, while a pen can be a beautiful item, it is also a tool.  And more specifically?  A tool for communication.  And what I find so fascinating about Kaweco is the lengths that they go to help their retail partners communicate Kaweco's message.  Remember, a lot of people start out with the Kaweco Sport -

Courtesy of Kaweco
This is a pen that goes for a little north of US $20.  Think about that for a minute.  Whereas most retailers refuse to go anywhere near something that inexpensive, Kaweco has found a way to bridge the gap and not only support their retail partners with, let's face it, totally bitchin' point of sale displays, but to get the retail partners excited about it.  Consider this, when a young person first gets exposed to a fountain pen, it is a much easier bridge to purchase a Kaweco Sport, and get the feel of it.  This in turn leads to more Kaweco Sport models, and then, inevitably, to a higher end model.  And while there are other brands, if that first fountain pen kiss came from Kaweco, they have already established a relationship.  

So well done Kaweco!  I have and use SEVERAL of your Sport collection of varying colors, a few in metal, several in fun colorful splashes.  And I can say without fear or favor - if you are even into pens just a little bit?  Treat yourself!

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