Sunday, December 2, 2018

You Smell Just Like a Tourbillon!

And this recently in from the Department of Fundamentally Bad Ideas -

Courtesy of Franck Muller

Because there are some things that you just couldn't make up, there is now a perfume to cover the smell of disbelief and bewilderment.

Franck Muller is now, apparently, in the fragrance business.  And if that was not goofy enough, they are not offering just one, but rather several different scents that are all, apparently, connected to different members of the Franck Muller collection.

In their own words -

The Master Perfumers

When master watchmakers meet master perfumers, both accustomed to working with complexity and precision, combined with beauty and fascination, the outcome will immerse you in a rich sensory world with perfect balance.

The brand decided to broaden its reach with a fine fragrance collection created in partnership with some of CPL Aromas’ top perfumers Beverley Bayne, Julie Pluchet and Dominique Preyssas. The creative team met in Monaco to explore the worlds of watchmaking and perfumery, discovering similarities and shared passions. The result is a translation of the art of horology into five fine fragrances.

“The intricacies of watch making match the art of creating a fragrance. Perfumery creativity is about precision, balance and using the best quality materials available to produce exquisite fragrances. Franck Muller is dedicated to finding the best materials and the best craftsmen to create watches that push the boundaries in beauty and technology.”

— Beverley Bayne, CPL Aromas’ UK Director of Perfumery
And no watch fans, this is not April Fools.  This is apparently very, very real. 

Courtesy of Franck Muller
So if you are tired of Brut by Faberge, or Hai Karate is making you too much of a target -

Don't worry, the folks at Franck Muller have got you covered ; )

So I am guessing that this perfume is meant to be the "antidote" to combat the watch geek's unquenchable thirst for haute horology.  Simply dab a bit of "Crazy Hours" behind your ears and that watch geek will forget all about watches, and think only of you!

Give me strength...

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