Sunday, December 30, 2018

One Splash of Red

Stowa is one of those brands that continues to fascinate me.  Yes, they could try to expand, make tons of watches and look for some bigger fish to buy them.  But they prefer to do things their own way, staffing just enough, making just enough watches.  From time to time you will notice that there is a necessary wait for a watch from Stowa.  Oddly enough, it does something that every watch brand should aspire to - it creates desire, which in turn creates demand.  While I know that most people gravitate towards their flieger watches, which is absolutely understandable, I am the proud owner of two of their more modestly sized watches (Partitio and Back to Bauhaus).  And now I have to re-evaluate and see if there is room in my life for three -
Courtesy of Stowa
The Partitio is one of those watches that beguiles me.  It has not moon phase, no power reserve indicator, not even a date.  It is utterly simple, and utterly perfect.  And as much as I love the first version with matching hands, this one has one (startlingly) simple twist.  A red second hand.  Nothing dramatic, but that one little flourish just does it for me.

Here are the pertinents -

Stainless steel, solid case back
10.80 mm with domed sapphire glass - automatic 9.80 mm with domed sapphire glass - hand-wound
Strap width:
Lug-to-Lug size:
up to 5ATM
62 gr. (leather strap), about 110 gr. (metal bracelet)
black matte, white printed, Superluminova Old Radium
polished, nickel-plated with Superluminova Old Radium


ETA 2824-2
mechanical, automatic
Specific features:
screwed case back

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