Sunday, December 2, 2018

A Festivus Miracle!

Working on Saturdays is not my favorite thing to do.  Once a month, like all of my colleagues, I draw one Saturday shift.  And so it was that I found myself on Charles Street yesterday afternoon with a little bit of time to kill before catching the Newburyport train back north.  

Charles Street has a lot of memories for me, it is just across the street from Boston Common, it is home to the Sevens (77 Charles) where I tipped a pint or two back in 1991 when I was living and working in Cambridge, and it is home to DeLuca's Market which is where my mother used to shop for groceries when she was a maid in one of the big houses on Beacon Street.

And in a basket, on a table in front of Upstairs Downstairs Antiques, I found several brand new, in original packaging SWATCH watches!

And of the 12 or so still remaining, these are the ones that came home with me.  

And what made the experience so much fun is that these were ones that I had almost bought at the time they originally came out, then didn't, then regretted it later.

The In Our Hands Earth Summit 92 holds a special place for me as that was when I moved to Japan, and where I bought my a basic black and white SWATCH and was given a Red Island SWATCH as a 24th birthday present, which I foolishly gave away -

Courtesy of
 Needless to say, I hope to track this one down again soon!

It is hard to get my head around the fact that this was more than 25 years ago.  It was a confusing and exciting time.  It seemed like just about anything was possible, and that the power of positivity was stronger than anything else.  I had lost track of that feeling.  You get older, and although time moves at exactly the same rate that it always did, you tend to get into ruts, and not pay attention to the good things that are happening.  

26 years in a box, and it is running perfectly.  And thinking about it, the Festivus Miracle wasn't that I found and was able to buy these SWATCH watches.  The miracle was that it reminded me that anything is possible, and positive actions will always carry the day.

I realize that several of these SWATCH pieces can be obtained through online sources and are available.  But to be honest, I think it was the immediate visceral jolt that I received that made me pull the trigger. And I'm glad I did.  

I know that SWATCH is in many ways an inexpensive, for the masses item.  But beyond the utility, a watch appeals to the wearer (and the observer) for, frankly, emotional reasons.  And isn't that what passion is supposed to be driven by?

A Happy Festivus To All! 

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