Thursday, November 15, 2018

About Passion

Yesterday I had the truly great pleasure of sharing some tacos and talking about watches, design, and, well, life with Ian Schon of Schon Horology.  Lunch tip from your old pal Henki - if you find yourself within hailing distance of Boston University/Boston College, go check out Lonestar Taco Bar in Allston, MA.  It is well worth it!

Nobody Hates Tacos!
When you think about, talk about, and inevitably write about watches, pens and fashion on the daily, things start to get a bit bland.  And in an effort at total transparency, I had not heard of Mr. Schon before a few weeks ago.  Or, that is to say, I had, but I had forgotten.  During the summer months I tagged along with a fairly talented group of cyclists on Saturday morning rides, and the inevitable "what do you do for work" conversation came up.  And one of the ride organizers said that she knew a guy who had designed watches and was now making pens.  I was intrigued, and filed it away.  It wasn't until a few weeks ago that John Keil (Watch Gauge) told me about these amazing pens that he had seen in New York at a show recently -

Courtesy of Schon DSGN
Well, a little digging and I found that the pen maker and the watch "designer" were one in the same!

Courtesy of Schon
After living my own version of "M.T.A." Just call me "Charlie"!  But in this instance I am happy to say that although waylaid beyond belief, I finally made it to Allston and got to see the show (luckily, I had the extra nickel).

And the watches are something truly special -

As special as the watches and pens are (and they are), if I am honest, I found the designer / manufacturer to be one of the most quietly passionate people I have met in this industry in quite some time.  His enthusiasm is infectious!   So we will be going deeper shortly, but this is your wake-up call!  Stay tuned!

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