Thursday, October 4, 2018

Do You Remember?

I have been having a very interesting experience these past few months.  And if I am being completely honest, this novel "weirdness" started back in February when I came back to Japan and visited Minase in Akita-Ken.  I think maybe it was a wake-up call that I had been wanting but had failed to receive up until that time.   And what I keep being reminded of?  We are obsessed with labels and history, and all too often that history and story are no longer the reality of who, what and even where a brand is today.

That was driven home even more clearly when I visited the District Time Show this past weekend.  These are all, for the most part, small micro brands.  While there is no small amount of debate or discussion as to what, exactly, constitutes being a micro brand, it is safe to say that it is typically a one or two person band.

One brand that caught my eye was DrakenDraken is the creation of Michael Blythe, originally from South Africa but lately residing in New Zealand.  The watch pictured above is the Draken Kalahari.  This is a sample / prototype of a new model that is currently in a pre-order.

Another was Collins.  The piece above is the Bronson Automatic.  

And Hager is back with a new dress watch, I believe the Diplomat (but I will reach out to the brand owner to confirm this naming convention).  

What these past months have reminded me is that there are still people out there who do what they do out of passion, and not merely going through the motions for a paycheck.

Ultimately, a watch is no longer a requirement.  You don't need one, let alone more than one ; )

So clearly for many people out there, a watch is something that communicates to them on a visceral level.  And ultimately isn't that more compelling than an instafamous influencer, or $7,500 per month PR firm telling you to like something?

I guess that up until this past February, I had forgotten what it was that I really appreciated about watches.  So thank you to the smaller independent and micro brands for reminding me.

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