Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Closing the Circle with G-Shock

I was waiting to cap off my story on G-Shock with my personal G-Shock story.

During our tour of all things Casio, we had the rare opportunity to visit a special trade show/fair just for Casio retail partners.  It showed all of the new models that were coming.  This was a "look don't photograph" opportunity and it was here that Casio and G-Shock finally and firmly got their hook into me as a customer -

Courtesy of G-Shock
This is the Limited Edition DW5035E-7, and after a lot of hunting and hoping...

Something special showed up at Tempus Fugit HQ!

I had checked every retail outlet near me in the Boston-Metro area (boxcars), and then, for a brief exciting moment this specific model was available on the US G-Shock online store, and as I've learned from the past in these situations, if you want it, you need to commit.

So having seen one in Japan a month and a half ago, it was pretty exciting when it arrived.

It was interesting getting Wendy's take on it - "It hits that 'little boy' button.  It takes you back to a happy time and place".

And I think that is pretty accurate (at least in my case) for the visceral pull of some of the G-Shock collection.  The pull of watches for me is not really about exclusivity, and it certainly isn't about price.  It is about something that connects for me on a personal level.  A watch really can be a time machine, something that can take you back to a special place and time.


Enjoy your watches!

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