Thursday, July 19, 2018

You Can't Go Home Again

IKEPOD was, for a short time, one of the coolest, most talked about watches around.  I first discovered them when I was living in Finland, via Wallpaper, which was at the time a very fun magazine.
The design was unique, and it was a serious watch.  I am still searching for a Seaslug GMT Alarm model ; )

And while everyone talks about Marc Newson, a key to the original IKEPOD was Oliver Ike.  You need artistic vision, but you also need grown ups.  Oliver Ike was what made the company possible, as otherwise it would have merely been an artistic experiment.  The rise and fall of IKEPOD is, even after all these years, very regrettable.  Regrettable, but is is now starting to become a more common story.  I have spoken with Oliver more than a few times about the roller coaster ride that was IKEPOD 1.0 and remain convinced that IKEPOD could certainly have made it.  But what's past is past.

And that brings us to IKEPOD: 3.GodKnowsWhat.

The new and improved IKEPOD will be just like the original... 
not exactly.  The designs are somewhat reminiscent, but lacking the depth and execution of their namesake.  Having seen the watches on the latest IKEPOD website, I feel that at best these are homages.  And by homage, I mean just what you might think.  And if I am honest, it makes me wonder why the new owners invested the time and money in the first place, as they could have done something very similar without bothering to revive the IKEPOD name.  The watches will be quartz, and "Proudly Made in Hong Kong".  And in fairness, there is nothing wrong with that.  But what made IKEPOD special was the melding of really cool design with a mechanical watch.  I realize that I might be alone in this opinion, but I disagree with Outlet X stating something to the effect that IKEPOD is being "saved".  IKEPOD was dead, autopsied, cremated, and the ashes were spread at sea.  It's not like there were employees, a factory, a town counting on the brand to keep going.  IKEPOD was (and I suspect still is) an administration office with a designer and some investors.  And again, in fairness?  This makes them no different than several big brands whose factory you will never see - because they don't have one ; )

Sometimes, you just have to let go.  As I write this, I am reminded that I used to be young and handsome, once upon a time.


  1. To put Miyota movements in the watches and change the buckle will be a kiss to death for the brand.
    Great article James but I agree, defunct is defunct
    They want to do a crowdfinancing on Kickstarter?? Price of the watch will be max 150 US$
    Well the Ikepod owner Lindeman was always from profession son and people like that never care as they did not have to earn their cash....

  2. I like the Ikepod watches but never wanted to buy one as they are difficult to service and maintain.(open by the top) The buckle in now on the Apple watch, so....As prices announced in others website are around 500 euros, I think it will be a good deal to have the fantastic design for a fair price.