Friday, June 8, 2018

An Aventurine Dial

From Lundis Bleus -

Courtesy of Lundis Bleus
This is a bit of an amuse bouche as it is not on the Lundis Bleus website yet, but the folks behind the brand were kind enough to share some images and details with me.

Here are some basics from Lundis Bleus HQ:

- This model with a plain (no indices)/full aventurine dial is available with either a Japanese or a Swiss movement.  The overall look of the watch is the same, but the Swiss movement model will be more expensive.

- The aventurine glass that is used is from a stock of old Italian aventurine glass. Some brands just say "aventurine" dial, but "aventurine" is a natural stone named after the man-made aventurine glass, so it's always better to add "glass". The dial is made by our friend Daniel Haas in Pieterlen.
So there you have it.  When a more detailed press release is available, I promise to flesh this out a bit more.  But if the images are anything to go by, this one is pretty special!

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