Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Client Update

In the interest of transparency and clarity, just a reminder that I do work with a few brands in a business relationship that I do receive payment for to provide marketing and media consulting.  Owing to this, if you see these brands mentioned here (TEMPUS FUGIT) there is a disclaimer on any item that was written following the date of any agreement being reached.

So first, an update on my current clients so that it is well known.  You will also notice a new tab at the top of Tempus Fugit that outlines all business relationships so that it is clearly disclosed who I work with.

I currently work with -

Vortic Watch Company

Sternglas Zeitmesser


Sartory Billard

Sartory Billard is a new client, and as such you will only receive very basic, very minimal (just the facts) news updates here on Tempus Fugit.  All posts regarding these brands will include a statement of my working relationship with them.

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