Sunday, May 13, 2018

Back to the Future -

With Humbert-Droz!

Courtesy of Humbert-Droz
I had pretty much sworn off of writing about Kickstarters, but every once in a while, something truly special comes along.

Courtesy of Hunbert-Droz 
This is the HD4.  

Courtesy of Humbert-Droz
It is available in four color variations:  Onyx, Steel, Wood, and my personal favorite -

Courtesy of Humbert-Droz

The case is stainless steel, measuring 40 mm across and 35 mm top to bottom (the case, not including the lugs.

The movement is truly special, Bernhard FÖRSTER, a German movement resurrected from the past and put to use in this digital time machine.  The watch is assembled in one of my all time favorite places, Besançon!

The Kickstarter rewards focus primarily on the watch itself, starting at €519 for the HD4 with a leather strap.

Should you be so inclined, check it out here -

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  1. Futuriste et intemporelle la HD4 ne laisse pas indifférent et attire les regards.
    Demarquez-vous habillez-vous en HD4 !