Monday, May 7, 2018

An Open Letter to PR Firms

Relationships and contact lists...

are not the same thing.

As I currently stand on both sides of the watch communication game, I am often surprised if not downright bewildered by the approaches some PR firms make.   It is safe to say that you will not know every journalist/blogger/influencer out there.  I live under absolutely no illusions that Tempus Fugit is on the tips of PR firms' tongues, particularly ones that typically specialize in 
fashion ; )

Having said that...

When you are "courting" your would-be clients, may I suggest that you do not claim to have thousands of contacts, that in fact, you don't.  May I further suggest that you do not buy and sell contact lists? Not only is it unethical, it's also a waste of both you and your client's time and money.  When you buy a list you have bought just that, a list.  People come and go out of the industry. Odd as it may seem, pr and communication are, in fact, people businesses.  Owing to that, there is that pesky need for a relationship at at least some basic level.  

It is very, very easy to understand the attraction for a brand to hire an agency.  And some are certainly very good.  BUT - when you (the agency) are charging $3,500 and up per client, you can afford to take the time to do your OWN homework, develop your own list, and try to do more than simply send emails to strangers.

Or, you can keep doing it the same way you always have.

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