Tuesday, April 17, 2018

The Essence

From Mondaine -

Courtesy of Mondaine
One of the truly neat releases this BaselWorld was the Essence from MondaineThis seemed to be a year for interesting surprises, and Mondaine had a few up their sleeves.  One that truly caught my attention was the Essence.  

On the surface, you might be forgiven for seeing yet another SBB themed dial.  But look a little closer.  This is not your standard pvd treated case.  In fact, it is not your standard case at all.  The case is constructed of a polyamide that BASF SE has provided to Mondaine.  This material is not simply just a plastic.  It is composed to a fair degree of renewable materials:

1. Watch Case Materials:

Rizinus (castor plant)
Black Color pigments
27 %
Fossil based plastics

Per Mondaine, the most notable points of this case construction are:

    • High percentage of renewable resources (in comparison to other watch brands: over 70% less fossil based plastic in the case as 40% of the case content is made out of the Rizinus plant, 30% are glass reinforcement materials.)
    • High strength and rigidity
    • Very good impact strength
    • Outstanding resistance to chemicals
    • Unique surface appearance 

Courtesy of Mondaine
The strap is rubber (38% natural rubber).

Even the packaging is thoughtful -

Courtesy of Mondaine
The pouch that the watch is packaged in is made from recycled PET bottles.  And the pouch can later be "upcycled" for a different use ; )

The Essence is available with either a white or black dial, in either a 32 or 41 mm case diameter.  As I understand it, the suggested retail is $175.

Well done Mondaine!  Hopefully this is the start of even more good things.

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