Monday, April 16, 2018

Hublot Loves Football?

I'll let you be the judge ; )

Football Legends Pelé & Marcello Lippi
                                meet for a Match of Friendship in Dubai

That's right sports fans, that bastion of footballing and needy grass roots football development programs (insert eye roll and deep sigh here), DUBAI, was host to the latest Hublot Dog and Pony show.

Courtesy of Hublot
Life is a long time, and if you live long enough you will see it all, and so it was that we were treated to the footballing equivalent of the "Fat Elvis Las Vegas Era" for Pele and an assortment of former professionals who were freighted to Dubai to entertain a group of profoundly wealthy people.

Courtesy of Hublot
"This was the dream and Hublot has made it a reality!This match is everybody’s dream.  Seeing friends of the brand, legends on the pitch playing football, bringing together legendary sportsmen who have never played together for this exceptional encounter, creating two teams for a Match of Friendship, all this is more than we could have hoped for!  What better proof of how football can bring people together!”
                                                   Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO of Hublot

Well, football and commerce at any rate ; ) 

Let's be honest with each other, a 30 minute game of pick-ups with a rather disparate group of former internationals is not a ground breaking event.  It is a pr package put together to amuse the customers in a region that, in fairness, probably represents the best potential for Hublot to sell watches.

And in fairness, if I were a retired (or as good as retired, no longer playing in Europe's top leagues or even the MLS, and plying my trade in China or India) footballer, I would probably welcome the opportunity to be whisked first class to Dubai, treated like a hero, possibly get a new shiny watch, jog around for 15 minutes or so, and mug for the camera.  Who wouldn't?
Courtesy of Hublot

So a humble proposal that I have put forward to Hublot several times already (spoiler alert, crickets in response) and will continue to do so every time they push one of these events out to the press - 

Take 1/1000th of what this event cost to put on in.  Donate it to a true grass roots organization working to make football possible in parts of the world where Hublot would not necessarily be a market leader.  I understand that Hublot is a business and not a registered charity and I have no expectation that they should behave as such.  Having said that, when you proudly proclaim your love of football, it would be great if that was a love of football for everyone, not just the wealthy, and it would even be tax deductible ; )


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