Sunday, April 15, 2018

Erotic Watches

And reality -

As mentioned Ad nauseam here at Tempus Fugit, I don't think I'm a prude.  But by the same token, I am not, by inclination, a fan of erotic watches.  BaselWorld is a guaranteed opportunity to run into someone who wants to show you the mechanical marvel of sexual congress wrapped up in a watch.  Now I know that there is a historical background to the idea of the erotic watch - whereby that functionality was usually hidden on the underside.  

And in fairness, my lack of appreciation is not helped by the image of an aging gentleman leering at me while he shows me two mechanical figures engaged in something naughty - I've had more than a few uncomfortable BaselWorld appointments like this.  It just creeps me out.

And therefore, I prefer my Swatch Bunnysutra (above) which is a PG13 answer to the erotic watch. 

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