Friday, March 9, 2018

Why I Bought it - The Vortic Witch City

So before anything else, I need to disclose that I do some freelance work for Vortic.  While I am not an employee, I do assist in certain projects.  I purchased the Vortic watch discussed in this story, and as such am also a customer.  Having said that, in the interest of practicing what I preach, I felt it important to disclose this relationship.

In all honesty, I didn't really get Vortic at first.  It was an interesting idea, taking a no-longer utilized pocket watch, and giving it a new life as a wrist watch.  Moreover, it offered pretty much the only 100% made in America watch.  But I just couldn't really get my head around it.

That was until I met one of the key people behind Vortic, R.T. Custer.  R.T. was in town for an event in Boston, and we got together to talk about Vortic, and to give me the opportunity to finally clap eyes on the actual watches.

And then, suddenly, I got it.  We live in a throwaway society.  That is the plain and simple truth.  And it's not every day that you get an opportunity to design something on your own and see it come to life.  So pals and gals, I introduce you to the Witch City -

As Salem is now home, I wanted a watch that was somewhat reflective of that.  I gave some basic parameters - I wanted a "local" basis for the watch, and that would be Waltham of Waltham, MA.

R.T. and his gang found just the right pocket watch and sent me a short video so that I could give the okay.

But then, I wanted it to have some elements that would tie it to Salem, MA.  For those of you who are not acquainted with my new hometown, Salem is in/famous for the Salem Witch Trials (and subsequent executions).  Interesting to relate, the Salem Witch Trials did take place in Salem, but also in Danvers (a town next to modern day Salem that did not have as strong a PR department).

So I went for a blackened case.  The case is blackened titanium and is produced by 3D printing, then polished and finished. 

The pocket watch was then adjusted and inserted into it's new house.  

And although I've seen plenty of display back watches, they have nothing on this -

The watch is secured with a black Horween cordovan strap.

You can, of course, commission your own Vortic watch, but this one is mine ; )

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