Friday, March 30, 2018

The Sexiness of Consistency - Tutima

With every watch fair, there is a perceived need to put something wild, crazy and different out there.  And if recent history is anything to go by, those really cool new things will more often than not wind up in the grey and soft grey market.  

So it was actually quite refreshing to spend some time at the Tutima booth.  Yes, Tutima had some new models (which I'll be sharing later), but the big message that I received was that Tutima continues to do well because they have a focused owner and dedicated team that are not driven by share holders.  Therefore, they can make informed, intelligent, SANE decisions as to how to manage their watch brand.  When asked how many pieces they make per year, a quick answer might be - enough.  That is not intended to be sarcastic.  Essentially, it means that they have a good handle on their market, and continue to rationally forecast what their production needs to be in order to satisfy their customers.  And it is an approach that other brands might want to consider ; )

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